S.C.S. Houses

With a motive to promote co-curricular and extracurricular activities in an atmosphere of fine sportsmanship as well as excellent competitive spirit, the students are segregated in various groups i.e. “Houses”. One house is allotted to each student at the moment of enrollment. Houses compete with one another at sports, interhouse events, celebrations of special days, annual meets, daily assemblies and numerous other events.

Interhouse competitions not only gives students a chance to display their talent but also inspire a sense of focus for group loyalty, promote healthy competition and valuable lessons of team work, good behavior, selfless service and unity.

Each house is headed by a house advisor for a year. House advisor along with a team of house mentors works for raising the motivation levels of students and encouraging them for active participation. House advisor with the help of designated teachers appoint senior students as office bearers: House captains and house vice captains.The captains and vice-captains help in organizing different inter-house events and raising team for all competitions. They guide their teams, motivate them on all fronts and play a vital role in leading their teams to victory in all events.

Houses have their own uniforms and flags. Different inter-house competitions held throughout the year culminate into annual sports meet “Lakshya”. Points of each house are counted at the end of year and “house of the year” award is given to the winning house. Students endeavor to give their best and win laurels and house points. Participation in various activities brings the house honors and gives the students a sense of pride. A wonderful sense of camaraderie is generated throughout the school with the “House System”.

Four houses of the school reflect the values, we at SCS, intend to inculcate in our students. The students are segregated into four houses named after the four elements that amalgamate into the universe.

Akash House

The space element represents the sky, the boundless, the opulent, and the limitless. Man when faced to the limitless, the omnipresent and the omnipotent is reminded of his never-ending quest for excellence. Man must work incessantly to restore his spirit and inner peace while seeking perfection in his actions and skills.

Agni House

The fire element represents the sun. It represents all form of energy, in measurable energy of thought and action is fire i.e. Agni element at work. Sun represents the bright, the savior and the destroyer, the destroyer of evil and savior of good. This element inspires students to work with velour and purity of head & heart.

Jal House

The water element represents the rivers, seas and oceans. Water is the source of life, it stands for emotional tranquility, purification and regeneration. It stands for eternity of karma i.e. good and pure deeds, eternal movement and commitment towards one’s goals.

Prithvi House

The earth element represents the soul, grass, mountains and river. This element stands for stability, permanence and rigidity. Rigidity to stand the tempest, rigidity to ward off the darkness and work with stability of mind.