S.C.S. and Our Mission


Strive. Conquer. Succeed.

“We Strive to strengthen our strengths and Conquer our weaknesses by providing a platform to excel in today's technology driven world through the power of knowledge and the determination to Succeed.”

All children have their own particular strengths and we give them an equal opportunity to develop their talents. We understand that building on students’ unique interests and needs is necessary for success. Rigorous and relevant curriculum combined with best teaching practices in student-centered classrooms provides a healthy atmosphere for students to excel. We work with our students to identify and conquer their weaknesses, thereby, providing further scope for improvement.

Our Mission

To Draw the Best in the Child and to Prepare Ground for the Future of the Nation

Children are the eyes to the future. How a child's life is transformed determines how the nation’s future is shaped. Teachers are key figures in this transformation process. Teachers’ beliefs, expectations and ability to identify a child’s potential weigh heavily in the student achievement equation. When the teachers believe in the students, the students believe in themselves.

“At St. Carmel, we believe that children are our future and we teach them for their future with a dedicated team of experienced teachers”