Lakshya: The Annual Sports Meet is one of the most celebrated events of the institution i.e. St. Carmel Lakshya means goals, mission. The title is quite inspiring for the students as they need to set high goals and beat their own records. A sports man needs to keep an eagle-eye on his target and strive to achieve it with all his might.

During his voyage to the summit a sportsman needs to set a unique and high goal, then set sails with all his abilities cupped together. No atom of his energy and being wasted while he conquers his pitfalls and learns new strategies to achieve his target i.e. his Lakshya.

We at St. Carmel train our students to aim at excellence, honesty, integrity and sportsmanship all aspects of life. Different interhouse events and competitions held through out the year culminate into annual sports meet – Lakshya.

Points of each house are counted at the end of the year and 'House of the Year' trophy is awarded to the winning house.Students Endeavour to give their best and earn laurels and house points. Participation in various activities brings their respective houses honour and gives the students a sense of pride and achievement.