Why Choose Us?

At St. Carmel School, the students and staff take pride in the maxim ‘Learning by Doing’ at study or play. We believe in working in a systematic and disciplined manner, respecting each other’s feeling & religious beliefs.

At the same time, we firmly believe in being helpful and courteous to everyone. The School is equally committed to the less-privileged segments such as gifted children with high potential but facing financial problems.
Whilst high academic achievement is a priority, the School aims to create a ‘Community of Creative Individuals’, where a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect exists amongst the students and teachers.

Students at St. Carmel School are moulded to :

  • Adhere to Truth, Love, Justice and Duty;
  • Excel in Studies;
  • Participate in Activities;
  • Challenge Ideas;
  • Express their Opinions Confidently;
  • Manage Time Well;
  • Be Organized and Responsible for their Learning;
  • Become Team Leaders;
  • Improve their Communication Skills;
  • Help the Needy;
  • Most Importantly, Become Good Citizens.

Inorder to make the process of teaching and learning non-monotonous, St. Carmel School emphasizes on student involvement in a span of extra-curricular activities through a number of Clubs active in the School such as Dance Club, Eco Club, Creative Writing Club, Editorial Club, Art & Craft Club, Public Speaking Club, Dramatics Club and many more. Every child deserves the best possible support in life to fulfill his potential.

St. Carmel School provides the following state-of-the-art facilities for the overall development of its students:

  • Educomp Smart Classes
  • Spoken English Classes
  • Day Boarding Facility
  • Transport Facility
  • R.O. Filtered Drinking Water
  • Colorful Kindergarten with soft toys, puzzles, playway method of learning names as ‘CARNATION BLOCK’
  • Modern & innovative teaching aids
  • Personal attention to each child.
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Large open playgrounds of 2 acres
  • Football & Basketball courts
  • Badminton & Tennis equipments
  • Attractive swings, slides & monkey bars
  • Pollution free, healthy environment
  • Technology integrated studies
  • Computer laboratory
  • Well equiped physics, biology & chemistry labs
  • Mathematics laboratory
  • Well stocked library
  • Music & Dance rooms
  • Art & Craft coaching
  • Effective parent orientation
  • Counselling session for weak as well as bright students