S.C.S. Celebrations

Celebration at an institution encourages social side of a child. Informally child learns about his rich cultural heritage. He learns to take pride in versatility of Indian culture. He imbibes values of brotherhood of humans from all faiths, creeds and religions. These values sprout into gushing nationalism and patriotism. He admires richness of traditions and enactment of role plays, celebration of all important days introduces them to richest legends which mark Indian history and culture spirit of fraternity and national integration is automatically imbued in the child.

The principle of oneness and fatherhood of god pervades through Indian culture. We have lived through ages with open his of heart and my riad of hues of cultural mingling. We at SCS, celebrate all important festival in order to promote national unity and integrity.

Celebrations at SCS aware the scholars of all important aspects of institutional growth by stages. Participation enhances confidence of students. They develop skill to work in a team, learn to groom visual and performing arts. They are acquainted with cultures, dances, attires and folk songs of different states. Participating or even being spectators of fantabulous performances, the most important goal of holistic development of child is automatically achieved.