Parent and School partnership

What You Can Expect From Us

The relationship between the parents, students and staff of the school is one of close partnership. We assure you for the following points:

  • We are committed to improve our school and to seek every means possible to bring this about.
  • We will provide the highest quality of teaching based on thorough preparation and use of newer and innovative methods of education.
  • We recognize that every student has individual needs and it is our duty to identify with students’ targets for their improvement and to monitor their progress.
  • We accept the need for students to feel secure and we will provide a safe environment in which bullying will not be tolerated in any form.
  • We will take every opportunity to improve our own skills by undergoing further training where as we see that it will help us to improve our school.
  • We want to work closely with all parents and will inform them of any concerns we have at the earliest opportunity.
  • We will listen to all advices offered on how we can improve; we commit ourselves to using that advice in devising our plans for improvement.
  • We are helping to create each student’s future and will provide guidance and preparation for the next stage in their personal progression.
  • We will take care that we guide you through your ward’s duration in school regarding their future plans of education.
  • We, through our experience, identify other agencies who can help us and we will bring other professionals to our school to help students.

What We Expect From You

  • We request you not to enter the classrooms when the class is in progress.
  • We appreciate when you send your ward regularly in time and in proper uniform.
  • We regard you if you regularly visit the school for attending the parent teacher meetings.
  • We will be obliged if you never criticize the school or teachers in front of students and get your problems solved with the concerned through proper channel.
  • We emphasise that you in person come and collect your ward incase you need to take your ward during school working hours.
  • Every parent must sign the Diary daily as it is the link between the teacher and a parent.
  • Progress report of the student should be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to the school within three days of its receipt.
  • A student coming late to school has to submit his/her parent's duly signed written note giving cause of late coming.
  • A student suffering from contagious or infectious diseases should not be sent to school till he/she fully recovers from it.
  • The school cannot be held responsible for any accidental or inadvertent injury to any student.
  • We admire you if you deposit your ward’s fees and other dues as per the schedule well before time and avoid embarrassment to the child.
  • It is the prime duty of the parents to get their ward's work completed in case he/she misses the school.
  • No student is allowed to appear for any exam after the examination schedule.
  • It is the duty of parents to see that their children are regular, come neat and tidy to school and in time for class i.e. by 7:40 am and bring all their necessary books and other requirements.
  • Parents and visitors are requested to meet the Principal with prior appointment.
  • Parents, guardians or other persons are not allowed to see the children or interview their teacher during school hours without prior written permission of the Principal. They are requested to bring their complaints, directly to the Principal and not to any member of the staff.

What We Expect From Our Students

We have developed in the school the Code of Conduct which describes what we expect from our students:

  • Students will work to the best of their ability at all times.
  • Students will come to school each day properly dressed and with properly set bags as per their time-table.
  • All students will arrive in class on time and no student will leave school or a class without the permission of teachers.
  • Respect will be shown to senior students, staff and visitors – swearing is unacceptable at any time. Care will be given to all junior students.
  • Students will not cause damage of any sort to school equipment, building or grounds.
  • Movement around the school will be quiet and orderly.
  • Students need not tolerate violence or bullying.
  • Mobile phones, personal valuables will not be brought to school.
  • All teaching areas will be food and drink free zones – litter will be placed in the bins provided.

We hope that students will not hesitate to make us aware of any difficulties they may encounter. Our responsibility is to make this code of conduct work smoothly and we trust that you will also support us in this.