Infrastructure at SCS

State of the art infrastructure make St.Carmel stand out as an ideal abode of learning. St. Carmel School is an institution that keeps the promise to provide the best in class facilities to all its students. So that students learn with best of technology right from the first step of their education. Integrating technology with teaching – learning process helps become more effective and imposing smart classes / Audio visual rooms not only make learning process more interesting but also enhance concept clarity. Truly said -

'A picture is worth a thousand words.'

10. Playground and Swings

Playing is pivotal to mental, physical, intellectual and social growth of a child. Play contributes to all developmental aspects of healthy and holistic growth of child. Children spend considerable time with their friends in the school. For children, school playtime is the most active and valuable part of their day. Students have fun and relaxation. School playground is an important facility for children to relax and recreate. Albert Einstein said that -

'Play is the highest form of Research.'

Studies have demonstrated that physically active. Students have improved academic performance and easily obtained highest test score as well as developing a far better outlook towards school. Life long memories are associated with ‘Recess Playtime’. It is the short time chance to blow off steam, run, holler and just be a kid. Many theories, practices related to school curriculum and play have changed but, the classic experience of recess hasn’t. The entire childhood expert agrees that playgrounds, playtime, recess and unstructured activities are essential for physical and mental well being of a child.

Swings and school playground equipment are the soul to the skeleton of school playground. Even if a child grows up, he can’t resist the charm of swings, climbing bars and see-saw.

St. Carmel School has an advanced set of playground equipment that is not only safe, durable but also attractive. Children up to grade V are allowed to enjoy swings slides and climbing bars, etc. Dragon slide, zig-zag, Tunnel slides, Humpty Dumpty are hot favourite of children. They spend recess time besides their outdoor activity time on swings and playground.

In St. Carmel big Basket ball court, Volley ball courts are available. Football ground is well maintained. Students practise in the morning time.