Philosophy and Motto

Our Philosophy

Many a times we worry about what our children will become tomorrow but we forget that they are someone today. Here, at SCS, we understand that all children are unique, having different set of talents and, therefore, we breathe the mantra –

“Every Child REALLY Does Matter”

Utmost care and support is provided to all the students in a warm and caring family environment, no matter, what their abilities be. A team of dedicated, experienced teachers and support staff effectively supports them.

All students have an equal chance to use the extensive facilities available for both curricular and co-curricular activities. Every student in his/her own way is special to us and we work towards enhancing their potential, scholastic skills and talents.

Our Motto

“Knowledge and Power”

In this fast changing world, the process of learning and imparting knowledge through a standard pattern of Academic and Moral Education has its own importance, for which, the school holds this Motto.

The motto inculcates in the minds of the staff and students to plan, study, equip, foresee and act confidently so as to achieve the desired results by committing one’s responsibilities and applying the acquired knowledge. We teach our students well and we let them lead the way, as we believe knowledge truly empowers them. With knowledge, one’s potential increases and wisdom grows.