Mandatory Public Disclosure

St. Carmel School, affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi, is a spectacular establishment set amidst serene & picturesque environs at the banks of majestic Sutlej River. Situated in the lap of nature, far away from the hustle bustle of the busy city traffic, it provides ideal environment for students to focus on their studies.

In a day and age where wide open spaces are hard to come by, the management of St. Carmel School took an initiative to nurture students in a beautiful green campus in the city of Roopnagar. The school’s approach towards learning is one which focuses not only on academic excellence but also in helping students develop their creativity, values, personal leadership, team spirit, character and entrepreneurial spirit necessary for Carmelains to achieve their full potential as global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Lush green trees, shrubs and plants in the lawns, alongside playgrounds are perfect air filters and provide pollution free, healthy air for breathing to the in-mates/students. Indoor plants rich in herbal properties and which purify air have been placed in sufficient numbers throughout the school. Clean corridors, big playgrounds adorned with lush green trees known for their quality to purify air, seasonal flowers and dexterously decorated lawns are a feast to eyes and provide ideally healthy & hygienic environment for our dear Carmelians.

Classrooms at SCS are well-ventilated, quite spacious and airy. Even during normal situations big and airy rooms provide sufficient spacing to our dear students. All rooms and corridors are well sanitized, cleaned, broomed and moped on daily basis with disinfectant and floor cleaners. Toilets are cleaned twice-thrice a day using a liberal quantity of disinfectant so as to save students from infection. The lawns, playgrounds and auditorium are mowed, watered and thoroughly cleaned. Roof water harvesting is in place in school to reuse our precious resource - Water. Awareness messages/thoughts about preservation of water, reducing, recycling and reusing products, avoiding plastic, segregating wet and dry waste, significance of cleanliness and becoming Eco-friendly are displayed loud and clear in the corridors.

Our school Library is well stocked and quite spacious. Well-equipped and stocked Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer, Language, Geography, Mathematics laboratories allow healthy and hygienic environment for student’s holistic development. Best in class R.O. water facility is being provided to the students which is well serviced and maintained. Waste water from R.O. Is being channelized to water the lawns and grounds.

In order to inculcate empathy and senstivity towards environmental conservation, plantation drives are organised by SCS from time to time. In addition to plantation, students are encouraged to adopt one plant and nurture it until it grows to sufficient height and is capable of independent survival. Biodegradable Waste Pit and Kitchen gardens are maintained in school which helps students become aware and empathetic towards the environment.

A number of clubs play a significant role in morning assemblies throughout the year and educate students about importance of each subject. SCS Virsa Eco Club organizes frequent visits to Agriculture Fields, Fish Farm, Wetland Area, Bird Watch Centre and Sadabart Nature Trail. Science Teachers make sure that students visit and collect information about myriad plant and animal species in and around the premises. Educational Visits are also arranged for the primary wing to Railway Station, Post Office, Supermarket, Bank, Park and other neighborhood areas. Annual educational visits are undertaken in order to make the learning process interesting. Workshops, counseling sessions are specially organised for our dear students and teachers throughout the year.

School is thoroughly sanitized twice a day. Social distancing circles have been marked at the entrance as well as throughout the building so as to remind the students about social distancing. Sanitizers have been installed at the entrance, reception and tables of teachers i.e. at every spot where spread of infection can be anticipated. Temperature checks are mandatory for every visitor at the entrance. Images, pictures showing different Covid-19 guidelines have also been pasted on the notice boards throughout the campus for constant reminders.

We, at SCS, take pride in the efforts taken by our Carmelian family and the achievements gained. Once you become a part of SCS, you’ll be proud of it too.