Infrastructure at SCS

State of the art infrastructure make St.Carmel stand out as an ideal abode of learning. St. Carmel School is an institution that keeps the promise to provide the best in class facilities to all its students. So that students learn with best of technology right from the first step of their education. Integrating technology with teaching – learning process helps become more effective and imposing smart classes / Audio visual rooms not only make learning process more interesting but also enhance concept clarity. Truly said -

'A picture is worth a thousand words.'

5. CCTV Surveillance System

St. Carmel meticulously confirms to all safety norms in the premises and buses of the school transport system. Each part in school is under CCTV surveillance.

SCS is committed to provide high level security to all students. High power/resolution CCTV cameras have been installed in the corridors, staffroom, playground, auditorium, reception area and at entrance. Each and every quarter/part of school that could be used by mischievous people as the ‘dark corners where mischief is planned and unleashed’ is under strict surveillance. The cameras are working 24x7.

CCTV Surveillance systems assist in keeping strict vigilance over the entire area of school and effectively impose discipline and safety of students.

CCTV cameras have been installed even in the buses of school transport system. The installation helps prevent any undesirable activity during the course of transportation. The cameras are updated and monitored at regular basis.