Infrastructure at SCS

State of the art infrastructure make St.Carmel stand out as an ideal abode of learning. St. Carmel School is an institution that keeps the promise to provide the best in class facilities to all its students. So that students learn with best of technology right from the first step of their education. Integrating technology with teaching – learning process helps become more effective and imposing smart classes / Audio visual rooms not only make learning process more interesting but also enhance concept clarity. Truly said -

'A picture is worth a thousand words.'

1. Colourful Carnation Block

Children aged 3-6 years consciously learn from activities that allow them interact with their environment. They are keen observers. They have ability to learn from everything, they see around. The capacity to learn is innate in all children. It leads them to attentive observation, exact imitation and eventually to independent activity. An environment that meets this need is ‘The Prepared Environment’.

The prepared environment in kindergarten comprises a variety of areas - Practical life activities, sensory material, phonetics, mathematics, music, art and so on.

Colourful carnation block offers the exact opportunity. Student learn identification of colours and shapes, counting the numbers and familiarity with nursery rhymes, Characters of fables that they often listen to their jungle friends like Panda, Monkey, Large Elephant, tall Giraffe and intelligent Dolphin are something they come across, while they are going to washroom through the corridor.

Luscious fruits, trees, ice-creams, balloons, stars they count from the walls of classrooms. The pictures of nursery rhymes force them to recite nursery rhymes. The memory of concepts is fixed in their minds. A number of activities, swings, interesting games, logically designed furniture invites the imagination of child to integrate concept with ideas, learning with application. Colourful Carnation Block enhances interactive learning and provides ‘The Prepared Environment’ for the tiny tots.