Infrastructure at SCS

State of the art infrastructure make St.Carmel stand out as an ideal abode of learning. St. Carmel School is an institution that keeps the promise to provide the best in class facilities to all its students. So that students learn with best of technology right from the first step of their education. Integrating technology with teaching – learning process helps become more effective and imposing smart classes / Audio visual rooms not only make learning process more interesting but also enhance concept clarity. Truly said -

'A picture is worth a thousand words.'

9. Beautifully Maintained Lawns

SCS is a green building i.e., while construction of building, the point has been kept in mind, that the colour schemes, architecture is eco-friendly. Nestled amidst lush green environment, the huge and big lawns of school are in perfect blend with bush green surroundings. Everywhere, well-maintained lawns, adorned with matted grass outline the building, enhance architectural nuances and create a beautiful and inviting frame that present themselves to all who pass by tranquil and beautiful landscape that complements the beautiful building. Regular morning, prune mulching, seasonal blooms dexterously presented – all set a feast to eyes and provide calmness to mind. Set amid natural surroundings and opulence, SCS is an ideal place for cognitive learning.The front yard adorned with imposing snow white idol of goddess Saraswati is a relaxing.